One of the principal aims of this project is to find and field record musical instruments featured in the murals. This music will ultimately dictate the animation developed with the murals. A recent recording of tārai, a long brass pipe, about the length of a javelin, which used to be a common processional instrument, is featured below. Processional musicians occur frequently in mural paintings.

We hoped to record the ciṟutārai (the small tārai), featured in the Chengam mural (see picture below), on this trip, but we only found the long tārai. We did not find the other two instruments featured in the Chengam mural. The search is on. These instruments have a way of surfacing, once in a while, during temple festivals and political victory marches, generally on all noisy occasions, when it is impossible to hear anything, even instruments as loud as the tārai. See also Field Notes.

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We encountered these tārai players in Kanchi Pallavaram, on the outskirts of Kanchipuram. M. Mani is the main player. He got a local, name not known, to support him.


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