Since the basis of all murals is that they tell a story, there is the opportunity to make them communicate in the modern way - interactive and animated in 3 dimensions in the structural context and 2 dimensions, in the illustration/painting context. In a way, this is the most compelling form of output that the mural paintings allow us. Indeed, these south Indian murals are fully finished storyboards, waiting to be interpreted on animated film. Consider this - all of Rāmāyaṇa, big chunks of Mahābhāratha, tales from Bhāgavatham, and an assorted number of myths, legends and histories are painted everywhere in comic book/storyboard form, annotated in the local language. These have layers of background information in oral tradition, texts, commentaries, performing arts, iconography etc. Such comprehensive, readymade pre-production work has not got a look in by film makers!

The animation work is just commencing and I offer below some preliminary models of rāma and sītā constructed from the Chengam mural.

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